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The Château de Breteuil and its gardens

During your stay at the Auberge du Manet, take road through the Vallée de Chevreuse Park to the Château de Breteuil, a magnificently restored château with beautiful 18th century furnishings. The great Breteuil family, which produced 3 ministers and still owns the property today, uses 50 wax figures to bring the daily lives of a family at the centre of French history to life.

Once upon a time...

Seven of Perrault's fairy tales are presented in the outbuildings, and a story-teller - in costume, weather permitting - comes to tell the stories at 4:30 on Sundays, holidays and during school breaks.

The château's gardens, listed as a "jardin remarquable" extend over 75 hectares.  They include a promenade lined with exotic trees, several gardens (French, English, and more...), a labyrinth, playgrounds and a picnic area.


After walking up to the château and admiring the views of the Vallée de Chevreuse, there's plenty for the children to do: swings, climbing equipment and slides can be found under centuries-old trees.

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