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Discover the château lifestyle and all kinds of animals in a 380 hectare park at Thoiry, 30 minutes from Montigny le Bretonneux. At this unique zoo, the first safari park of its kind in France, you can drive through the African Reserve in your car and see elephants, zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and more...

The zoological park

The zoo offers an unforgettable encounter with wild animals. A series of bridges take you through the domains of cheetahs, leopards, lynxes, and tigers, while glass tunnels bring you right under the claws of lions and tigers. The zoo is also home to primate's island, the very rare Komodo dragon, Bongos, and a host of other species.

After all that excitement, take a break in the park, listed as a "jardin remarquable" or in one of the château's rooms.

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